About LinkedIn Learning

Personalized Course Recommendations

LinkedIn Learning suggests the most relevant courses or videos based on skills known to be important to a given job function or role.

Intelligent Search

LinkedIn Learning makes it easier to search and browse courses by pre-populating entries with the most searched words.

The Same Great Content

The library includes more than 11,000 courses, and it grows every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the new LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning can be accessed through lil.vcu.edu. Your VCU credentials will be required to log in.

Who is authorized to use LinkedIn Learning at VCU?

VCU is only licensed for current university students, faculty, and staff. Our license does not cover VCU Health and VA Premiere employees.

How do I use LinkedIn Learning?

Learn about the new LinkedIn Learning features and improve your professional skills with LinkedIn Learning.

Can I still use the Lynda.com app?

You will need to download the LinkedIn Learning app to replace the Lynda.com app.

Learn how LinkedIn Learning is intuitively designed to locate relevant content easier to improve your professional skills.

For any additional information, review a complete list of frequently asked questions, or contact the VCU IT Support Center at (804) 828-2227 or by email.